Electonic Music and Artists Nowadays

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Electonic Music and Artists Nowadays

Electonic Music and Artists Nowadays

Music Artist Sobby has been described as a fusion of avant-garde music, pop, and electronic music. His music can be heard on the UK Dance charts in the top 5. Sobby is currently a member of the UK’s Electronic Drum and Bass group. In recent years, Sobby has been making a name for himself on the dance music scene. In 2014, he released a cd entitled I Can’t Wait (due to be released in early 2015). The artist Sobby is still actively working on his music and aims for a new career in the music industry.

The artist is known for his ability to express complex emotions through music, as well as to incorporate a certain level of authenticity and sophistication into his performances. Sobby is constantly evolving his sound and is constantly finding new ways to express himself. Artist Sobby was recently booked as an artist for the upcoming ‘Festival of the East’ in London, so keep your eyes peeled for his release on the 27th of this coming June..

Sobby Talent

Sobby is also a very talented keyboard / vocals player, having played bass for the Jamaican electronic hip hop group, 3Ds’. After the release of Sobby’s debut EP ‘Breathe’, series of remixes, and a host of live shows in the UK, United States, Sobby move to Europe. Hi, I’m a singer, songwriter, songwriter, musician, electronic musician. I’ve been in a few bands and am currently working on my first full time solo project. You can check my personal website: www.guitarmix.com for more information and my band page: guitarmix.com/guitarmix.

Sobby music video “Till the sun go down” selected as the winner of the best dance video in 2018 Best of Miami Award. His eclectic work with various styles from electronic to dance music, has taken him all over the world and will always provide a unique and eclectic experience. He is currently opening for various acts in Miami at festivals such as the Miami Dance Music Festival. He is also available for corporate events, weddings and private functions.

In 2013, Artist Sobby goes on the stage at FAME Festival and performed at Meltdown in London. Sobby has growing reputation in the underground techno scene, and regularly seen performing gigs in Manchester and Leeds. He has also performed all over the UK at various events and festivals. Sobby’s music is a fusion of dance music, hip-hop, and techno, which he has written and produced, and he also co-produced and co-produced a number of tracks with electronic musician, Luke Skelton, known as The Beatmaker. You are reading Electonic Music and Artists

His Career

Artists Sobby music frequently finds him in the spotlight with his own unique DJ sets. Sobby’s setlist is full of the latest music styles and genres, and can be either a mix of modern and old school dance music, or an eclectic mix of both. Sobby has an extensive knowledge of the electronica and techno scene. Sobby has a certain familiarity with the music that makes up the genre. Sobby’s performance often seen in various festivals, to name a few. Sobby has a wide network of admirers and a growing following through the likes of the BBC Newsnight, E4, and the Guardian. His style leans towards the electronic. Sobby heard playing with a variety of musicians and genres from electro, house, dubstep, industrial, bass, pop, psy, and rock these days.

Artist Sobby worked as a percussionist on film projects; Sobby started working with various musicians from Poland to Serbia – including Gediminas Zalewski, Michael Korzec and Rzejko Buksi. They collaborated at festivals suchas Warsaw Music Festival (2011), Vilnius International Film Festival (2012) and Kąślijek, Kotor Wieliczka Forum (2013). DJ DUBBAG was born and raised in Moldova, in the city of Bialystok.

“What Sobby say”

Sobby a musician and performer for close to a decade, and now also the lead vocalist and guitarist for a band called ‘J’Athena’ ( who I met on stage and were lucky enough to meet the day before I flew out to do this article with ) which is very much an amalgamation of the best parts of pop and electro. I have been an active musician since I was in high school, and have been playing and writing music for about 3 years now.

Sobby have been a professional bassist since 2005 with experience covering various bands as their DJ’s or backing them live on stage. Riot Chord a highly experienced vintage pop / rock band that play some of your favourite hits from the likes Harold Ramis to John Denver. It takes about 2 hours ( including set time ) to get this party-starting groove going!

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