How can you do calculations with Visual programming?

Short time stream now to string method okay it is displayed a date with the time also okay too long it’s a finger stick only display the date with they also here is the to sing then you can okay okay some other calculation to they are okay at month at D at hours okay also you can add hours or minutes everything you can act now is that daytime today at this ok now or today open oh come not at this ok one day it is shown for okay not now it’s the two days if you hours we can get that was not today not at all at this cistern date if the time typically expressed it in time of the oh not toasting because this is the date type you want to get that things okay wait the first folder declare that the time Beauty hit something equal beat bedtime not today dot act okay then this date order display here okay be 88.2 short date stream now okay you run is that tomorrow okay ninth you like to go in Trenton you can act oh maybe some time won’t do ad month everything.

Because for example some project you are doing the project they said starting date today ending game want to sit then you can act Oh particular day okay you only sub break something like that you can use for the end D okay at others okay now on the shoulder um I’ll say their time now okay at hours admins at minutes for hours 30 minutes for our sisters a 140 and 170 meets the four hours is 16 into 4 2 + 40 + 31 70 means then to get string dot – short time Oh long time okay long time stream now you can see the system time is a 10-5 how is a 2:35 p.m. you can display the other country times time if you – you can display this yesterday the same day is minus 1 is a negative there yesterday, okay when you are a Saudi adorned in Odessa phone then you slice the phone okay Oh any classes that new procedure executes as a new the new procedure is called for the concept you can Bing form designer place the court to incisor control instant in the new today.

You can give you object to listen to him by calling the procedure name it lies component add your own or to perform the custom it is a lie say another deck over for any sliced phone ok for the home of the calculation of the date ok system to date time DT today noon as a new as a sister, not you favor an object s in your sister daytime this level sister another bit time 13000 is a midnight same day midnight is there no ok very morning this then we can use for the system time spam is the time difference as a big process a DT today noon don’t suppress et yesterday midnight, okay yesterday midnight then you can sub break there’s a subtract method here, but that results has come to the timespan okay sister thanks time different this example sister, not date time BTW okay not necessary for the system every time because already we decree in the project solution deciliter indicate here new system of daytime is a 13-6 712 and this one is a bit yesterday with nine then you can get that time span.

How did that time span you can get time difference okay this I use the console application then we can get that different looking person and you can do it okay interval argument enumeration the day after here our minutes’ month for a second big day week of the year and here it was the eighth one-day two husband containers to date used in the if a man is greater than day two then you can get the negative okay so under tablet UI each okay H in you consider for the year and here then if you give them negatively then you are the result that the date one is higher than day to day one is another day to then you can use the absolute value as age how this one is the date time picker daytime if you sometimes you are confused if you use their in the date format the user doesn’t know what is the format of the date-time form they also mean the mistake make a mistake then you can give them further?

This is is a time picker then they can easy to pick them sometimes I’m application you know they do a greater birth they ask then you want to select who to select the date of birth where each year debut okay 8:09 you can select this way you can use for the daytime people then it is set for the particular and time okay time in the front I’m okay although it uses being user doesn’t know first want to use further here ten-month date our not even etcetera they don’t know that this appointment then you can use this thing daytime picker come then you can get that and okay hello the user to select their dead for from calendar under they can easy to select looking the font performed appear in the control list in the ocean and used some property in the daytime picker Hollander okay on the phone control the phone appear in the drop-down and kind of for color.

There’s a text color format store enumeration defined that ok appearance of the date but the date you only the maximum and a minimum gain okay differ in the minimum and maximum use the sector build a letter also you can use then limit okay for example you want to get the data birth to want to recruit the particular person Si 21 years old only 21 years old then you can give the date maximum-minimum you can pick the date of birth okay 21 min 1999 this born 1991 is born is that 21 no 1998 then we can set the minimum day mister first delivery 1991 maximum date is the 31st December 19 and you or something you can use that another way sometimes the school admission they are using only for [Applause] first peppery particular yeah and next year for 31st you know why yes sir Rose yes plain you can use here minimum-maximum field then you can limit it for the particular growth.

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