How can you edit a map in Apex?

Edit a map and it’s just like a chart it has a series and in fact it’s treated its treated exactly like a chart and in fact it’s the type when you go to create a map and it’s actually called a chart map and it’s an option that you can pick after you’ve created a chart type region you can actually change the chart type to chart map and so again you modify the sequel statement just the same that you would modify a chart you add links the same way that you would add links to a chart and and what we’re going to do is we’re going to use everything based off of the region ID or in other words the abbreviation for a particular region or state so in our example we’re going to make sure that the map region column is we’re going to change that to region ID and because it’s expecting codes like ca for California or AL for Alabama you can make a custom map and that is possible and I can follow you I can follow up with that with an email and because that one’s that one taking is going to take a lot of time.

But you can’t you can indeed make these make a custom map and I’ll follow up with that let me make sure let me write that down ok and again the way that I talked about how you’re going to find a specific map that you want to display and you’re going to have two maps have something that is called levels and basically, it thinks of them as folders a way to find a particular map that grouped up in folders typically the way it breaks down is the topmost level is which continent are you working with or are you just trying to work with the entire world level two and what kind of asks you well which part of the continent or how do you want to display the continent, so that could still be the whole continent and then level three is going to just be any slight variations I’m onto that you want to only display and like the western part of the United States or the eastern part or do you want to display it by zip code or all those all sorts of different ways that you can section up.

The United States and by default on the map region column or what we’re going to use to associate our data to a particular part of the map defaults to region name it’s most common that you change it from region name to region ID and that’s exactly what we’re going to do region ID being the abbreviation for the particular part of the map so let’s go ahead and let me do some examples that before we continue let me go to my app ok and what we’re going to do is and really if you want to follow along with me you can and it’s that’s pretty much going to be the workshop, so feel free and so I’ll give everyone a second to and get into their workspaces and get ready if you’re going to follow and the first thing that we’re going to do is just create a new page and create a brand-new page for a map, yeah I’m just going to go ahead and leave this page that’s fine and let’s go ahead and create a new page and notice that we have charted and then there’s an option here called map chart.

So that should be pretty it’s kind of a clear indication that both of these are really just charts this is like a whole other category of charts lets’s go ahead and make a map chart and here it’s going to ask us well what type of map do you want and it’s going to start us off at the very very very top level and we’re actually going to create a chart on the United States of America and then here are all the levels that I’m talking about once it once this renders, so this is the top-level all these subfolders are these are the second level and then these are the third level so you can see one-two-three so we actually want to pick a map of the United States of America we want a map of the entire country and we want this map to look at all the individual states and we could change this to say states without Alaska and Hawaii but we just want to do States okay.

So in other words there’s a finite list of maps that you can pick from, but there is I ballet me go stay where you are no need to go backwards I’m going to go backwards just for a second there is a way here to set up custom maps okay and so all I will talk about follow up with that with an email I want the whole country and I want it to be broken up by state let’s just call this customer map we don’t need to bread crumbs but you can add them if you’d like say next I will make a new tab here and we’ll call it customer map perfect next I can give my map, so this is these configurations should look very similar to that of charts right you can give your map a title just like you give your chart a title there are different color schemes that you can pick to kind of adjust the look and feel down here at the bottom it we have hints and labels and then we also have a grid or legend okay so you can adjust how you can do you know longitude latitude or you can do both of them and we’ll just leave it as longitude.

And you can add a legend if you want we’re not going to we’re going to leave it off so here it’s asking us for a query we should have a code sample my module 6 maps sample code I’ll put it in chat for you so you don’t have to look it up and if you just stay on this page I just want to show you what we’re selecting so let me actually as well actually I’m all set in them I’m going to go back and run this select statement somewhere else that so you can actually see the data that we get say next and create, so the question is well what type of data are we selecting for this how does it know where to map a particular component know where to map a value notice that by default when we run this it shouldn’t work we should just have a blank right yeah it is just blank but what’s our data look like I’m going to go to sequel workshop and I’m going to open this in a new tab okay so here you can see that we have region ID.

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