How primary instance optionally delegate broker? Data Guard.

The primary instance optionally delegate broker will do that later in the week then you go to your span by environments it’s a perfect register and standby database service I would do it by fit name I find that the easiest way to do it you can also use services and the silken to some tanks for doing that but the single instance rope and rack I would use the CID list and putting the stage so save that does it work LF l CPL stop my except for Serena read and see how many typos on the edge then you see the traffic registrations right so statically register whatever is running on that machine then we need 10 s main Genesis so VI Latina’s names Boyle in a sense thanks file which will be aware of the completion environments the completion environment so what we have is a string call run them and that says description equals address equals protocol equals TCP host equals either through the loop back address port equals 15 21 because I’m going on d4 fear close the address connect.

Those are equals and I would normally give it a fed at this point Sid equals London that’s what I would normally suggest you do you can go see service names I like to be completely unambiguous and use a long deterministic connector and to give it no doubt at all I’m saying go to rat addresses of love instance does it work clean if playing London if it does and then we need to enter for the other one as well we need an entry from standby which will be Burrell end goes to the standby server and ask for the standby instance 9 and this has to be done on both machines so listen to Aurora you register the local instances the names on both machines you register both instances I just check backwaters run till spring Berlin and that was results too so now it’s got sequel net configured and when you’re going across wide area networks and they’re often ludicrous problems coming here with firewalls course if you’ve got a firewall with cuts idle sections, yeah you’re going to have problems.

So you got to make sure you have got the secret lair conductivity and there’s not going to be broken by firewall rules, so that was the first previous slide configure oracle mess next step prepares the primary database an instance my primary is going near my London database now note you can often do this with zero down filling you can often do it with zero downtime I’m going to have a small amount of downtime because if you look at well you’ll see why in a second source for at the end p if you look at my database for London sequel + / 250 Bain the way we’re going to take this archive log list we’ve got absolutely nothing we’ll see even correct spelling that if you look at this I’m not saving my blog page we’re going to go through the whole cycle so we’ll be down sighing because of math otherwise there should be no downtime so it’s got to be an archive log mode oops you must have passed my file authentication some sites don’t like part of the file authentication.

Now they say it’s a security risk will story you’ve got to have it you’ve got to have that and do I have a password for authentication which of you do I query to find the fence can you remember offhand PW file users if this view returns something you’ve got a password file there is also the parameter show parameter what’s the pentacle remote login password file exclusive, but that’s the default, but the facts of Macedon exclusive doesn’t mean the password file exists so always make that check you’d be surprised it’s only five never use a password file you’ve got to have the password file there now this is a 12th in password file hence we’ve got 15 a special purpose ASM just back up 50g just km well 15 Chi is going to be important but not until we start using the data card broker for the time being sisters or women actually must have a password file then we’ve got well force flogging you’ll have to enable that and then some physical changes.

So one of these anything that requires down telling you no change to our couple of mode that’s in the thing that really requires downtime make more super amateurs so step nice nap you’ve got to be in our couple of mode ok how do I convert to mark I’ve lot mouth shut down Marla’s right now and then how do I shut down if I do that I know Pablo’s I wouldn’t Desi can do it I will it won’t work it won’t work I’ve got to do a clean shot down and then, of course, Chris as you said startup lounge there’s got to be a clean shot down if you do a shutdown the boss you get an error at the next step it just means you’re open and shut down cleanly so mount mouse watch the command also database archive launch 10 logs yeah it’s not something you do every day is it that’s what getting this for hahaha now as you saw here at that point I was in Miller couple of words and automatic archival the never disables perimeter show parameter log archive of false remember.

You go to let me laugh at you do I need to do anything at this point, no haha you’re right yeah Arthur bloodless are driving this enables that parameter dates back many years many many years I forget which release it came n f it rich release it came in but way back in the mists of time if you didn’t help us on true you would not get archive the processes running but for many years now the moment to enable archive what mode you will against al-Qaeda processes running that parameter is just a historical anomaly no bench at it and then also Federation opened right, so that’s the transition to our cover lock much nice then we have some other changes we’ll talk about the flashback in much greater detail later on but I really want you to enable flashback you don’t have to but it will help a lot the command is just that one there or is it Abel’s first subscribe feed our database and in middle without a base.

Now is the column flashback on selects flashback on from VI database and it isn’t I want to enable it and the commands right down the side also database marsh back arm right and that will have created the physical structure which is the flashback locks and the logical structure also the physical structure which is a flashback log to the disk-based structure.

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