How to add event and event listners in visual programming?

The values to the current day and time and a ten-time the day time picker close up event fire when you sell clothes drop-down calendar then even this file you can get that when you change if you change that value select the different date that what you can fire the event you say change the value property to run time show the brand you okay just throw the date current date when you and okay maximal indeed when you in day time picker as a two day F P is minus one okay this is a start date you can take the maximum demand it okay okay they said DTP is the date time picker start date but where you said yesterday PTP a start they’ve got maximum day visitor today you can add in Dexter also today maximally you can use them now check box then control box you can use the control object also then time picker a time with them he deserves their time, okay you on do is play the data in picking here this label okay now I change for this name creative time piccolo T P-type timer or something.

You can make time, okay then they are the two methods to me this idea of Alistair close up even close up in user closed down the calendar then you can fire the event or when you change okay but I we can check to close up or value change okay then you can check here for the properties okay they say even this year but it says even the here the property window you have to see the property window okay when you change applause awesome okay close up the time close up you only get there sir they make this comment a time dat time or something any name you can give equal like dat timer the name of time typically irritating a table timer dot Tex value okay that’s a sting and directly we can use that string in the river so it be data are displayed or text they display a display dot X equal circuits okay I found this okay if you you can get that ready stay you laughs was 2020 which one Sabrosa island is closed up then you can sit there it okay then.

If you send this one this you say where it for the errors what do you want you can get it okay okay okay set easy because sometimes we will do except doing date of birth okay now say 2011 uh nineteen batches also 1811 doesn’t invite a new 18 but one mm sorry 1989 and you order it that 19 Thank You one 1989 1989 okay then yeah Oh miss yes every month you oh yeah me in which day is no your data but then easy to set the bed you can avoid okay there are two methods are near okay one method is the close up when the calendar is close get that value okay that’s a text property one play you can get that value also get open now accept another adult when you change the value chain is present one value is chain display right now it from this program when you change when the value chain plays okay you can pick today this okay yes sir stepping this and you change okay.

We can set that value and DTP sorry date and time each time I say the G fund or something equal B TP m dot when their value what are the values okay this okay then they take for the value okay then you on display this one or something not to stream ortooo long time singer Tuesday we can’t see what the other thing we can get it okay this is the way you can learn okay he’s the do like 14 to the name down the current time 10 20 minute time is at 10:23 is that not okay 10:23 okay it is a very can annoy exam now our Institute use for the fingerprint then if you when you arrived I wish to employer yeah Institute and put this fingerprint then they take water today but in the system be and time then this very then if you departures they are then after the again put the fingerprint take the debugger then how many hours working you can get that how are you okay then to even we can use value change and closer joy value in the dead time picker.

So the current death valuing maximum aid value the picker can make their setting that does not properties they are maximum day minimum date now we use for the checkbox okay everything later we will use for the whole object and du semeur program okay this the checkbox you know that you said to select your sono press one okay hello okay also you know the user to select from third choice called in there in determinant also if you not check the same determinate usually indicate that no choice has been been check both the display the textual description along with the text box okay the text was like them you can take see description is there okay that can be checked or unchecked okay the checkbox as a check a line it is a visible division of the controlling strength checkbox fade is checked or not it’s not check check check not check oh in Dominion okay some pain the ending ticks define the text that appear in them salute video takes a lane over the area visible that video takes three steps.

So the I love to check box to show the possible ready in the same – okay three stayed there one is a check not checked off in there in determinant the check c’mon even then you can make the ribbon if we checkboxes change ok the values change if you check or uncheck then you can find the event also example setting the check state properties okay if the insurance sees it can check state is then checked if the interim tick box for example if your out for you one vacation, ok someone has an 11 Oh someone heaven if you check ok we use them ok if you tick the checkbox if you all levels do you at it you food or level results if you uncheck today level to some they are not necessary to give a level you can check stay blood checked ok then check instead of check stay and unchecked Oh indeterminate ok something unknown that nothing this one ok this cold but score L but then it is also used for the sum.

If the value you can use select the venue from a  range of ok often used to represent the percentage value ah always integer value India you can set to control work the same way all soldered bar and vertical bar vertical then you can use standard free weeks we can use a chess piece of course order scroll bar is a vertical school value row as a scroll bar move down third down. So you can use properties maximum and minimum define the valid range hope you can use them if one value 0-200 value contain the current value will then define the range okay value must be it be in the mini moment okay let’s see more changes a lot changes you can use a family explained also small changes in lamp changes what’s the event value chain then you can’t find a diamond okay anywhere this is for bad behavior this is a similar okay change the value property this one if you click here you can see more changes.

If you click here are the large changes you can check their toes indicate okay Oh a scroll bar value it’s a label name and say be if you will when you change is the when you change scroll bar it being fueled or text value in sewing then you can get the value check box okay h/h scrollbar is no correspondence okay this is called Barneo on this set the temperature okay then you are using the temperature thermometer it is the range is the zero to hundred like not more than like okay then you can limit the user can set the temperature further temperature you want me but the maximum is under minimum is like okay this step squirrel bar event okay this is coral bars called the change now okay ADL is play vertex equal okay didn’t change the name scroll bar dirt menu thing that when you want to control big event is indeed you okay in this if you use this scroll bar you can control for the user in because you want to kill the only maximum conquered then this the way.

You can use okay in be okay this tin if you insert the big large changes is the tin okay simultaneous the one okay you can see the property of the scroll bar you can sit maximum even when you okay here is their next the minimum bed scroll bar it’s a property that’s a properties here is a maximum value and minimum value small changes here then if you bring small changes fight okay Samad changes five then large changes here is a mix maximum value it’s a hundred then you want to make what is the 500 like then you can name make sure where you find 0 to 500 then large change okay for quick 50 the light chain yes let’s see more changes Easter tin 5:14 geniuses legend 13 is apart okay this is a minimum zero to 500 now you run blood changes this is amol changes okay this is the way you can control for him variable so let me talk only this range we only need for the changes a personal also you can give it’s the score Elba nobody owes you see here he saw the poor alex gorrall bosnia meaning this leg okay.

Here we can use this for a bar has a give them okay get the value is an integer value, okay next one is numeric up and down it’s similar to the coral bar but you can make their say you make it split already within the range of men okay you can sit this player I joined the label contain the current value support the same ok fundamental property in the SS calls the value which varies directly then you can maximum-minimum when your property you can set that okay how do you change event when you change even you can use standard free week saying you be that proper way after you can use numerical very yeah up and down do makeup and down you want to say that your date of birth or month and it for example if you use the credit card they are using for your hand month ok year and month then I want to use the things for the numeric you can sit okay this was fun we are using what a month.

Then you can give whatever that’s the range 1 to minimum one maximum 12 because 12 months the others user you only maximum 12 months and you can set the month okay this is a year oh yeah credit card valid date here and you can give here is a maximum is the 2000 new 35 years sorry 2025 minimum 2000 minimum 2023 2020 you can’t sit but here credit card very bit you can sit okay you know June 2020 third 23 is a year then you can get that value you should you are using the online purchasing something online payment it will be asked for this, okay they can use for the drop-down list also that order use that object awesome is the numeric then what are the value use it and that value is taken for your application okay sometimes you out for the month year like if you only give for the text box then sample user type of you like some argue for the seventh seven then you want to convert that whole thing further you marry then there’s the problem.

Therefore you can give for this specific thing then use the specific object easy to develop your program and we can sit okay this was a limited by the way you can set that okay usually the five-year sister limit okay you are ATM card image reveille is the five years maximum five you then you can set for the current date is there approve you can give further I hear five now is a transistor date is there the very date is the up to five years then you can end five years for maximal date maximum value here minimum value is the current that’s when you can use okay this to be you can think about a different way to develop your program and different object or you can use because the estimation programming me to show me you on the show the user you want to minimize to give for input use for achiever okay in the key used to here is a minimize the key.

You can set only click the mouse here there’s a date/time picked also minimize them otherwise don’t write okay with data but like you under type data birth easter 2009 as 1999 you like eight lay you wanted right but here you say you can pick any date.

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