Let’s learn link redirection. How links are redirected?

When you click on one link it goes to another web page let’s see how we can do that so we have to write a tag that means the anchor is a-n-c-h-o-r okay anchor tag and then you will write href href is hyperlink reference okay hyperlink reference I will be writing all those things in this so don’t worry an is anchor tag ref is hyperlink reference I’ll be writing here the hyperlink whatever I want so let’s write something like this is my link which I want to open www.youtube.com this is the link which I want to open.

Now I can write here click to open YouTube so when you click on this particular text it will open YouTube.com we are missing something we have to close the tag because every tag should be closed let’s save the file I’ve saved it um once one thing more I want to show you here see when you don’t know that whether my file is saved or not if you don’t know then how to find it can you see here in this file there is a small circle coming in I don’t know if you can see it this small circle here when this circle is coming the gray circle that means your file is not saved once you save it is will become a cross it’s becoming a cross here right let me show you again so if I say you know I have changed some item and now my file is not saved so you can see here this circle here right when I save this it will become a cross that means now your file is saved you can go to the browser and you can reload the page can you see this link here I’ll zoom it for you.

It is opening my YouTube.com right like that I can do more links so you have to just I’ll show you one more so you can copy this and let’s say I’m pasting it here www.facebook.com [Music] and here I will be writing click here to open Facebook you must be thinking that how serious remembering these links these hyperlinks HTTPS it’s a very easy thing you just have to go and check it out so you can see here it’s coming here right click here to open Facebook when I click on it Facebook login page is opening now yes it can be very hard to remember these links right so what you have to do suppose I want to go to google.com or let’s say I want to go to amazon.com right I want to go to amazon.com what I have to do this is the Amazonas website you have to just do click here copy this and paste it here right you can directly do that I’ll do something if you can see here whenever I am doing this whenever I am actually uh providing a link the links are always coming in a very different manner it’s coming here right in the same line how can I do it in the next line what I have to do if I want click here to open YouTube and I want here click to open Amazonas what can we do for that.

What you have to do you have to put another tag here which is Br by means break okay by means break so it’ll break that line so once you reload your page you can see it is breaking that line another doubt can come in your mind so what if I put here two breaks once you put two breaks one more line will break here now it is looking quite a good work page right okay what about I want a separation here I want a line here which will separate these two links what we can do for that so we can put a hr can you see this hr is for the horizontal line so it will draw a horizontal line wherever you have given it you can see the horizontal line okay now there’s a lot of space here so let me remove this Br so that that space will go off I hope you are understanding how I’m writing the code and I’m shifting to webpage and I’m showing it to you right so hr and Br you have understood.

Now let me show you some basic things also before that let’s learn what are comments these are very important that’s why I don’t want to skip it so what is comment comments are not codings, okay these are not codings these are normal text which you write in text editors these are the normal text which you write in text editors it helps to understand our code better and makes it readable now imagine that I have written a very long code and I have given it to any fresher who doesn’t know what is HTML will I be able to understand what I have written no right because he doesn’t know anything about that HTML so how he’s gonna uh understand what I’ve written so I’ll be adding some comments which will make him analyze what I’m doing what I’m writing here for an example if you see here I’m writing this paragraph right what I’m going to do I’m going to write here that it’s a paragraph so I’ll write here it’s a paragraph.

Now how to make it a comment so select this thing this sentence select it and then control slash when you do control splash I don’t know if you can see it this is the comment it has become a comment now this is not a code it is not a code but when I will send it to you you will be able to understand that okay sir has written a paragraph same thing I can do here an is anchor tag ref is hyperlink reference I want to put this as a comment because I don’t want it to be a code right control slash control and slash together it become a comment now I’ll be able to understand okay anchor an is an anchor tag and HF is a hyperlink reference the same thing I can do with this Br and hr I can just put it somewhere here that Br is break and hr is a horizontal line select this control slash become a comment right it will not affect in your browser you can see I have saved the file I have reloaded it does not affect anything right okay one more thing I want to show if you right-click here and you go to view source you can see this code here right the same code is coming here but you can’t edit this obviously you can’t edit it here if you could have done it then you can actually edit all the webpages in the market.

This particular file you can’t edit if you have your original file in the editor then only you can edit it I have you understood what is comments are right if you want to comment this whole thing like the whole thing if you want to comment the whole thing select everything control slash you can see everything is commented okay and let’s discuss what is tag element and attribute which I said is a very important topic so let’s understand what is tag element and attribute let me close this okay now look here guys these are three things which are very important tags elements and attributes.

First, understand what is a tag I’ve already told you tags are something where you can find these angular brackets wherever you will find these angular brackets these are nothing but called tags fine now when you talk about elements are the things which is written inside the angular brackets like the body is an element head is an element see when I’m saying the body is an element i am saying like this body is an element when I write like this then this is body is a tag easy understood so the body then HTML head a these all are elements and when you talk about tags so body tag HTML tag these all are tags what is an attribute attributes are nothing but extra features provided to a tag so understanding this line

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