Let’s talk about the IPv6 network in Computer Network.

We are going to discuss here is two different native let’s say for example we have ipv6 running the network in the sense all those machines the individual machines configured with the ipv4 v6 addresses let’s say for example 2042 db8 colon one two three slash six deponent this is also let’s say for example two zero four two colons this is also we can consider like p042 colon BPA colon 125 now these are the individual machine just imagine the individual machines so in here we have the Skype server skype communication server and here we have the Gmail service right skype server will run only on the ipv4 address that means they are only capable of catering to the ipv4 request only Gmail service where they have already running on the ipv4 and ipv6 environment what they have is they will be capable of dealing with both the v4 and the basics environment let’s say these computers are going to communicate with the Gmail service nothing to worry.

Since these are ipv6 and this is also they are supporting the ipv6 environment they can easily communicate because they know okay if the request coming from the ipv6 Gmail will respond to the ipv6 environment if the request is coming through the ipv4 Gmail will request to the ipv4 n1 nothing to worry let’s just imagine um here we have another I machine which is running on the ipv4 addresses which just imagine this is running on 2 0 one dot thirty-two dots two indeed like just a public type that I have assigned here uh so just imagine uh these servers are running on both ipv4 and ipv6, uh this Gmail is supporting whenever the ipv6 servers are requesting the services from the Gmail obviously they will uh going to give you the support give you the services through the ipv6 whenever the ipv4 machines that are 202 to 132 to empty machines is going to access the Gmail service through the IPA for nothing to worry they are going to support from the ipv4.

So that is done this whoever the clients coming from this network were able to access the Gmail cells it might be the ipv6 or ipv4 that doesn’t matter because they are going to anyhow they are going to get the service, but the issue is with this particular service provider this is a real scenario we have faced uh at the time of 2012 I’m not quite sure whether the Skype is now supporting with the ipv6 because uh since i this skype has been uh bought by the Microsoft now definitely it should support the ipv6 communication as well but at the time that we were discussing the Skype was with the skyping corporations that they are the parental company right now the parental campaign for these types of tasty Microsoft I’m not quite sure whether that is already supporting or not but at 2012 2013 they are definitely decent support for the ipv6 this is a real uh issue that we have faced while we are running the ipv6 environment on our network.

So we have assigned the ipv6 to the individual uh pc securities individual computers from 2013 right now look at this now we have the ipv6 v4 supported skype server whenever the users are going to get the access just give me second guys hello guys, uh I hope you can hear me yes uh so the basically if you look at this one now the uh this two zero two four zero so whenever the users which are running on the ipv6 try to communicate the Skype server obviously they can’t because it’s a two different protocol it’s something like whenever the two people meet Chinese people and the Sri Lankan, uh Chinese person and Sri Lankan person when they are the two people mean they try to communicate uh each other by their own native language it’s something like this here also we have a Sri Lankan people let’s just say skype service speaking with the Sri Lankan language singles I mean this server the computer is trying to communicate with the Chinese language.

So whenever they try to talk with these things so even it can be let’s say if it is Indian it’s trying to communicate with Hindi right whenever they try to communicate with here in this particular environment in this manner obviously they can’t communicate because it’s a two different language they don’t understand what they are saying because of that if they use the body languages body science obviously they can have to some extent they can a certain level they can understand it but obviously, they can’t understand anything, so that is the concern that is the issue because we are trying to communicate two different protocol in the same stack that is not possible so ipv6 will not be able to communicate with the ipv4 that is two different protocol guarantees that ipv4 cannot be able to communicate with ipv6 servers that is also guaranteed so it seems it’s a two different protocol so then how we are this is one of the practical scenarios where we have a concern.

We have uh actual issue uh we have a problem actually so how we are going to rectify or mitigate these type of issues like because there might be scenarios like the the the client will be running on the ipv6 only on ipv6 whereas the service providers will be providing their services through the ipv4 this is the real problem real issues that we will be facing while you are dealing with ipv6 n1 while you are migrating your users to the ipv6 n1 the other way around also possible the other way around in the sense the server-client will be using only the ipv4 environment where the servers are running only on the ipv6 which is very rare because obviously, servers will not go to cater their services to the niche protocols because ipv6 if you look at the total population around the globe so out of this total population only one person is utilizing the ipv6 at the moment.

So it is a very rare case that the service providers will run their services onto the niche protocol on top of the niche protocol like ipv6, but that is also possible so any way we should consider whenever you are using two different IP version protocols whenever you are using two different knife equation protocol you have to consider how we are going to initiate the communication in between those two protocols that are called we required we required for this one we required transition technologies strong transition technologies.

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