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Music & Entertainment Pop Music Artist Mr. Rombie, The son of a music producer and a movie actor, Rombie started singing when he was 9. His first professional recording was in 1969 with Jimmy Gagal at his home in Los Angeles. His career took off in the 1970s, when he was signed to Warner Bros. … Read more

How to Be a Writer: Setting Long-Term Goals Part 3

Step to Follow for a Successful Writer How to Be a Writer: Setting Long-Term Goals Part 3 There’s one more thing that’s super helpful in setting long-term writing goals—and it’s a gross word I hate to use—networking. It’s not really about networking in solely a business sense but about finding friends in different parts of … Read more

INDIE Music History

Great Lyricist Around World INDIE Music History Indie Rockers Chad ‘Langhorne’ Bowers is a songwriter, composer/producer and recording artist from New Jersey. Chad Langhorne’s first album released under his name, Langhorn Records was an immediate hit in 2000 that catapulted him into national attention thanks largely due to the fact the he wrote all the … Read more