What can you do if you lose the data in Physical Standby Database?

Physical standby if you lose a data file a non-critical data file the database will remain open and the rest of the database, of course, remains usable would you really want to failover in those circumstances I don’t know you don’t fail over very often and that’s the interesting point under what circumstances do you want to fire / interesting decision to make her then within principle damage to files so you can always restore and recover in pledge you just take the relevant table space or flying with so undercover in place you don’t fail everybody often sees none of you have done so in the recent past hardware failure much more likely if you lose a machine that’s a good reason to failover someone steals your forever and sells it Elaine bay okay activates the physical standby good move and then you buy it back on eBay it will recreate and we failed endlessly look if I’m actually by the most incredible kit second hand, amazingly, that’s by the willing.

So failure or not mentioning was fine but most have access to data centers which happens more from than one might think I remember yeah I think I mentioned it to you Chris and or Jeremy once before 13 years ago as I’m a contractor Oracle University Teaching course for them and the course is running on machines running in Oracle’s in a huge data centers Oracle that IBM has somewhere in Texas not so far away from you I think unless it was about three years ago but some to my class is running on machines with Oracle uses and the IBM data center somewhere in Texas and there were lots of floods what about three years ago sounds about right yes there was a lot of flooding going on yeah there’s lots of floods in this bit of Texas and the whole of the Holly Bain data center went offline so my Oracle University course was down for about half a day and that’s amazing that IBM and Oracle could lose interest to a data center for half a day.

That’s quite incredible and and for losing access to a science debit card is firstly really useful there so it isn’t just hardware failure is loss of a machine or perhaps extensive network failures you lose access to the database and then you’re going to fail over no question it does not protect against user error but it can assist it can assist because the user error which includes d VAR acts let’s say you’re logged on to the production database is by mistake now you think you’re logged on to test or development so your drunk fest on developments your cleaning schemer you say you know top user Scott cascade oh dear are logged on to production right players go fanboy already do the changes will get propagated to the soundboard, but the standby can help in that situation standbys can help so minimize our downtown 0 DE la circles including zero data loss accidentally applied to cool now so that’s what it’s for so pretty much the conditions you must have network connectivity between the site right.

Now I’m going to go through the environment resources here I whoop my apologies sorry just in the wrong place right now I’m just working in another window which is why you come on soon as I’m doing now BFFs got it that’s why I want to log on to my cloud server should be the keys I’ll ok easy to hide from you he just raised performs on that so let’s change the settings if you have problems our fault something I’m using and you’ve got to say so looking good but my own let’s make it a bit bigger know if you trying it let me know yeah just let me know oh yeah I know you I use quite powerful reading glasses now so and does the major reason why I use quite powerful teaching classes come to think so and FM- oracle password lowercase Oracle so we’re going to be working all within one machine, but everything’s done through a sequel that anyway so on this machine clear smiling if of course add animation instance call London by pre-created.

So London is going to be my primary and I’m going to have a physical standby and so with you by the way Richard call Berlin we need network connectivity between the two sides in the real world, of course, your sites will more than likely be different physical machines they remember they don’t face to be different machines and there are many cases whereas pretty useful and fax to have your physical FAM right on the same machine as the primary first evening she doesn’t afterlife it means you don’t rely on the second machine but it doesn’t it will mean you get all the benefits of uploading the queries to it they’re having snack shops and bars for development and so on and then cases like yours dives where you may have to license or largely my cluster well great so in this case, we’re going to be working on the one machine which is realistic enough because everything’s going to go through sequel match, so network connectivity alright see these two my oracle phone.

What I’m going to do is configure that for a connectivity and make sure we know what we’re doing a willing network admin right so starting off with night listeners Laura file I don’t even have a listeners or a file and I found a seashell station I’ve got a listener know that’s nose running we’ve got a log file is listening on default and it knows about the class databases which are not bothered about a database called London that’s going to be my primary I must have a little too Dora foil bi so that I can statically register my database each server needs to have a static registration for the databases so was I need to do if tell this server also will listen on the server that there is a database instance called London what I’m going to do is just paste in a CID list like so we must do that now I’m sure you’re an aware oracle says use dynamic registration and that’s what we see here London is man is ready so the one that innocent started up the listener so hello Here I am I’m ready to go no good.

We have to statically register the FID depending on your environment you might want to add the Oracle home as well that’s the minimum I can do with I can do then you need to go system by machine and specifically register the standby instance which doesn’t exist because I’m going to happen both on the same mode I will statically register my standby here as well, so each listener has to have a static registration for the database instances on that machine George I will need to do well this is added a static one as well so I’ll inverse my 2nd Sid description and my second one will be for the SID name equals Berlin so and that will be rocky it’s closed practice if I’m lucky I’ve got that right and every single balance so you statically register the fit so they’re going to run on the machine absolutely critical right now and unique impossible environments I talked to Mike lost cross-platform capability Carl by can be totally difference how much something identical to four releases four decimal places.

Now we can use data guard for an upgrade but at this point, it’s got to be identical, so Oracle homes must be the time ideally identical right down to all the patches subsequently you can stand by first national rest of us but to instantiate the environments everything needs to be identical, so these missteps configure sequel method start advanced to prepare the primary create the standby get everything working right so sequel mess on the primary Oracle home so I have to head applied here on the primary home you should particularly register.

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