What is span inline in one line in JAVAScript?

Let’s see what happens can you see this blue only this text is coming blue right that is what is span inline in one line it’s not a block it’s not anything bigger than that it’s one line right that is what is span, okay I hope you understood, so that is what is the span is called as inline-level because in the same line you are doing something span if I go here and if I write here mom for mom if I’m writing strong is a tag say for writing here mom in a strong tag and I save this and I reload my page so you can see here this mom becomes bold these are the inline lines right.

Now let’s see how we can store our HTML applications or our web applications files and folders in our system, yes, so there is a particular way how you need to store all your documents in a folder okay, so this topic will uh mostly talk about how you can structure your files and folders in your system now let’s suppose that I have taken an example of this kind of documents folder inside which I have many folders of mine my personal documents are there and some all other stuff are there okay now if you can see here we have the root folder inside the root folder I will keep all my files of my web application the project which I’m working on okay so let’s zoom into that root folder and let’s see what we are going to keep inside this root folder okay you can ignore this default dot RDP and zoom just focus on this root folder so you have created a root folder.

Now inside that what all things should be there, so there are mostly four things which should be there three folders and some files let’s see what are those files and folders, so the first folder will be CSS folder the second folder will be the image folder and the third folder will be the JS folder it’s not important that you have to name the folders like this only on you can just rename it like CSS image and JS that’s it okay and then what is sam.html I’ll tell you right now so some of you must have understood what is this happening here I’ll tell you in a more elaborated way what is happening all the dot HTML files will go here in the top level of the folder that means all your HTML files index.html or aboutus.html contactus.html these all things will go here in the root folder that means just in this top-level those files will not be inside any of these folders.

One HTML file which I have created is sam.html and I have kept it here now all the CSS files that means all the styling sheet files will go in the CSS folder now what is CSS we will see in the later part but right now just understand that how HTML language is there we have one more language which is CSS and that will go inside this CSS folder the next is the image folder inside which all our images will go that means in your web application obviously you will keep some images right so all those images you need to store somewhere, and those images will store it in the image folder okay now what is this JS folder JS means JavaScript okay this is also programming language so how you keep all your HTML files in the top thing like here and how you keep all your CSS files inside the CSS folder we keep all our JavaScript files in the JS folder so all the dot JS files will go inside this folder now why we are doing this why there is a file and folder structure for a web application project because you can see it is very well defined that where are your files let’s suppose that you are creating a web application and you found some errors in the styling of the web page.

You know where to go you have to open CSS folder and you have to open the dot CSS file because you know that is styling error will only come in the CSS part if you have an issue with behavior behavior means when your webpage behaves like suppose we’ll take an example Facebook login page so when you click on the login button your profile comes up right that means your web page behaves right now how it is happening because of JavaScript okay because of JavaScript your web page is behaving correct so those codes those programming language codes will put it here now if you find out that there is any problem in the login button or submit button that that you know the button is not working it is not responding it is not behaving so then you know where you have to go you have to open the JS folder and you have to correct your code there right similarly when you have a problem with the design of the webpage or the structure of the web page alignment is not proper those things then you have to go with the html5, so everything is very properly managed and well structured right.

That is why whenever you’re working with a project you should keep all your files and folders like this it’s a better and efficient way whenever you’re working with a project or a web application right now don’t worry about JavaScript okay JavaScript is a different programming language so in this particular tutorial we are going to only see the HTML and CSS part right now project root folder which was the main folder right, so this main folder is for the project and contains all other files and folders on the web it is called the root folder okay because that is our main folder here inside which all my files are there if this main folder is deleted then all your web application files will be gone correct now html5 these are all of those files that end with dot HTML okay this should be directly in the project root folder you don’t have to keep it inside any other folder okay because these are dot HTML and not in any subfolders you must have understood this.

Now CSS folder so all the Cascading Style Sheets that mean all your styling file right those who are ending with dot CSS you can name the folder as CSS and you can put all your style sheet files inside this folder images folder all the images like dot JPG any format dot PNG dot GIF and many more are there you can name the folder images or image and you can keep all the images inside that folder naming of the folders are depended on you so you can give any names whatever you want to give is just that you should understand what that folder is containing so if you’re writing CSS it will contain style sheet files.

If you’re naming the folder as ING you know that it will contain all the images similarly JavaScript folder all JavaScript files will go here they end with dot JS okay you can name the folder JavaScript or JS depends on you, okay so I hope the file and folder structure how it should be in your system that is properly described now let’s see what is the anatomy of HTML tags that means if you’re writing an HTML tag then what all things should be there and what do we call those things as right what is the anatomy let’s have a look so suppose you have written one particular line which is this anchor tag in which you are giving a hyperlink reference of facebook.com so in the hyperlink reference I have given HTTP www.facebook.com and in the text, I have written welcome to Facebook so that when you click on welcome to Facebook it will directly take you to the Facebook login page right and if your profile is open then directly your profile will open

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